Growing Olives


February 2012, visit to Jackson County, fl Green Gate Olive Grove where Mr Muller has over 250 trees some seven years old and fruit producing. I bought 6, 3′ tall trees about $30 each.

April 30, Water Well permitted, dug and caped.

May 5th bought about 20 Trees from Shoreline Grocery

May 10 ordered solar pump, PV panels and miscellaneous items

May 12 set Solar Pole in concrete

Well head and solar pole

May 13 laid out (flagged) tree pattern

Initial flagging of Olive tree locations

May 13 bought Jungle Growth and assorted PVC items for irrigation system.

May 14 Installed the solar water well pump at 80 foot, water is at 70′ well depth 100 ft.

Lowering the pump into the well.

May 14, 2012 Solar panels in place and making electricity!

140 Watts!! no power lines above head!!

May 14, 2012 Water!! 5 gallons in 2 minutes 32 seconds!!

5 Gallons in 2 minutes 32 seconds

May 19, 2012 Trenching

Mr Eddie trenching for the irrigation system

May 19, 2012 Mr Eddie takes a water break.

BlackWater Olive Grove

Mr Eddie and his grand daughter Arrowshay take a water break

First Trees Planted 6.1.2012

June, 25th placed milk cartons at the base of all trees to protect from varmints and herbicides. Sprayed herbicide weed killer today around the base of each tree.

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